Orviax Testimonials

*The following testimonials were received by us by either email or post mail from our customers throughout the world. Orviax works differently for each person and the specific results mentioned in the testimonials are not guaranteed for 100% of Orviax users.

* "Hi, Since taking Orviax for my occasional erectile failure- I have no more worries! My erection strengthens and I last longer. It allows me to have sex more than once and I last longer and feel better. Thanks!"

- Mr. Martin

* "I have used Orviax for because I needed to reboot my sex life, had too much stress and fatigue every day! Since being on Orviax my partner and I are really happy with my erections most importantly and my ability to last longer and prevent early ejaculation. It makes sex much more fun! I recommend this product to all men!"

- D.S

* "Before using Orviax I could not maintain an erection but when I took Orviax it really helped me. Many more men should try this option, it's worth every penny. The quality of my erections has become incredibly better and I stay erect longer than ever. I sincerely recommend Orviax!"

- B.C.

* "I am very happy to have discovered all-natural Orviax for its stimulant effects throughout the body and of course a spontaneous natural libido effect. With Orviax we rediscovered a second youth plus experienced higher quality in our sex. It's great to be able to have sex in the blink of an eye just minutes after taking a capsule and even accompany it by a glass of wine – it's just incredible. My wife and I are totally thrilled. "

- Eric B.

* "I'm 58 years old and didn't have sex due to lack of libido and soft erections. It didn't give me any results so I searched the internet and found Orviax, and bought 5 bottles. 10 days later my erections were harder, and I had more desire to make love more often. Orviax gives me confidence in my relationship which I truly need. I urge anyone with sexual problems to try Orviax."

- M.G.

* "Before taking Orviax I could not get a proper erection, what I would call a soft on, which did not help my self-esteem or my sex life. I was extremely concerned about satisfying my wife during sex, but now, after several weeks I have a full erection and instead of pointing down he points up like a teenager again and I am 47 yrs old. As an added benefit, for me, my libido has increased so I could enjoy sex everyday if I wished. You need to give it a try!"

- Shane White

* "I thought that my sex life had passed me by and withered away at the age of 63 years. Following the loss of my partner, I did not feel I had the stamina, nor the libido, to ever satisfy and impress another woman. That's when I came across Orviax! After a week of taking two capsules a day, I could not believe the firmness, size and grandeur of my newly discovered erections. I also discovered a new inner vitality and self-confidence that I had an ability to satisfy the new love of my life, many times daily. I have a new lease on life and feel like a teenager all over again! What an absolutely wonderful life enhancing and terrific natural product. Thank you Orviax!"

- George Peterson

* "I started using Orviax as I was having some erection problems I'd never experienced before - and in less than 1 week I noticed a real difference. In recent months my erections had started to become unreliable. Even though my desire was very much still there, it didn't translate into firm erections and I was very concerned that I wasn't satisfying my lady. It became very frustrating. It looked and sounded really effective and it's herbal, so I knew there wouldn't be any problems with a racing heart or headaches. I decided to try it and so I ordered 1 bottle from the Orviax website. After only a few days the difference was extraordinary - my erections became firm and reliable and my orgasms became more intense and enjoyable. So I ordered another ten bottles and I haven't looked back since! Both myself and my lady are now very happy indeed with our love lives! Orviax certainly worked wonders for me and I recommend you try it for yourself."

- David Mortimer

* "3 years ago I had an accident during intercourse with my then partner, when my penis came all the way out and as i thrust it back in it struck her pubic bone bending it and putting a "kink" in it. After this every time after i could not get full erections and the last third of my penis was not filling with blood correctly leaving it semi flaccid. Not only embarrassing but also very painful. I sought medical help after a few months and my doctor sent me to a specialist at the hospital. I had to show photos and they would not do anything for 18 months as i was told that is the time needed for it to fix itself. I thought – Ok let's try it. When i received my order i was well pleased nice package not a clue to what was inside to save embarrassment and the shipment was quick too. and the most important thing i can say is "it really works!" I was ashamed to get naked with my penis "broken" and have intercourse as it hurt me and looked odd to me, but since i started buying Orviax my now partner does not even notice i have a problem down there! To summarize - Orviax has given me my pride and love life back and i will continue to buy it. Even if you don't have a problem like mine – TAKE ORVIAX - it WILL improve your love life."

- Shaen

* "One day I started to search google about impotence and saw an ad for Orviax. I read about about how it was produced and then after a few weeks I finally ordered it. Started taking 2 capsules per day before bedtime, and I have to say this has done great for me and my wife! Thanks Orviax!"

- Jorge

* "I am 55 years old and I confess I had problems in my sex life until I learned about Orviax. With Orviax it's different – no need to set a time before sex and no headaches. My girlfriend is just 31 years old and I no longer have concerns of failing with her sexually. I'm always ready. Taking two pills every day and it works. I also noticed a considerable increase both in size and in thickness of my penis. Today I can say I'm a happy person sexually. Orviax is fantastic and is already part of my story."

- P.Paul

* "Good afternoon I use Orviax for the last three months and I'm feeling pretty good after use. I recommend it to all, my performance is improving, my self-esteem is high my partner happy. I was very skeptic about this product but now I'm using two pills every day and I'm really happy."

- Jorge

* "Dear friends, I'd like to share my experience with Orviax. Married for over 20 years and I'm 41 years old. My sexual relations with my wife were bad – sex lasted less than 30 minutes and only once in 20 or 30 days. My wife was complaining, I was bad tempered, but once I started using Orviax all this changed, and now my sex life is much better, I feel like I'm 20 again and I last between an hour and hour and a half! Of course my wife is more joyful, more peaceful and in a week we had relations six times. A tip to all men - with the use of Orviax add also a phyisical activity that will enhance the effect of Orviax. Worked for me! "

- Quinho Bahia

* "I have to thank Orviax for it has gained me my sex life. The stamina and erections are almost like it was in the puberty. I'm happy with it and can only recommend Orviax! "

- Y.C.

* "43 years of age after a traumatic divorce under my belt, I could not have sex with other women, because the fear of failure. With Orviax I managed to recover the confidence in myself  again I get erections like those I had ​​many years ago, so I now date women again without the fear of failure. Thanks! "

- Guillermo

* "My experience with Orviax was a very positive one. I started taking my daily dose and the effect was negligible until after a couple of days or so. I started to experience more staying power and I found that I was lasting longer! I found this product indispensible for my lifestyle as it is non invasive ( no headaches or blocked nose!!) ... but don't expect to pop a pill and get an instant club. The effects are more subtle and surprisingly welcome! After a week of taking this natural product, I was performing like never before. Thank you Orviax. I am 45 years old and can keep up with men half my age!! ... Well that's what the lady says anyway!!"

- Tim

* "For the past few months, in addition to my job, I have been heavily involved in physical sports regularly which left me exhausted and greatly reduced my sexual desire and performance. I'm an outgoing single man that loves regularly meeting new women so this exhaustion knocked back my confidence a great deal. Luckily, I came across Orviax and now, my sexual drive is way through the roof! The great thing about Orviax is that, it feels so natural, you never remember you've taken any capsules until you feel that erection which I get every time sex pops in my head which is a lot! I get erections I never thought I could achieve and they last as long as my stamina can maintain, which, now is also a lot. Women I've had sex with since using Orviax get very exhausted after sex with me and seem not to be able to get enough of sex with me as they constantly let me know!"

- Akanji

* "Dear All, Thanks for your email and very many thanks for your product. I have to say that when I heard about it I had my doubts that it would be any good for me. I had my 72 birthday on the 2nd of October and as you can imagine I thought it was all over for me in the bedroom. I tried Orivax more or less as a last resort and what can I say, the results were spectacular even my wife couldn't believe it and thought I had discovered the elixir of life !!!!! So there we are - there is life in the old dog yet and by the looks of things there's a whole lot more to come...... "

- Ian

* "Dear Orivax, Thanks to Orivax, i have now got the staying power to last all night long! It's as if i was 21 all over again. I have recently met the girl of my dreams and she can't get enough of me."

- Rick

The Orviax Formula
Unique in Concept & in Result

The Orviax™ formula is made up of purely natural ingredients. This important fact gives you the confidence to use Orviax™ without the worries of the unwanted side effects and health risks. Orviax© is a safe product and has immediate and long-term effects.

Couple Hugging Intimately in Bed

Moreover, since Orviax™ is all-natural, you don't need a doctor's prescription to place an order. Orviax™ uses a blend of 11 unique herbal ingredients. Take a look below at our exceptional combination of herbal ingredients, and discover how each.

The Orviax™ formula is comprised of potent aphrodisiac herbal concentrates from China, Europe and South America. The Orviax™ ingredients come from growers with only the most potent plants from these regions. They are concentrated through a patented process that enhances them to superior quality. These herbs are concentrated 15 times more than the industry standard.

Damiana has been used in Central and South America from the time of the Mayans as an aphrodisiac. It has developed a reputation over thousands of years. Studies on the usage of Damiana have shown an increase in sexual activity.
Ashwaganda Root
Ashwagandha is used as for sexual vitality, as an adaptogen, and as a sedative. Some refer to Ashwagandha as Indian ginseng, as it is used in ayurvedic medicine similar to how ginseng is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Ashwagandha is widely used in Ayurveda, an Indian system of holistic medicine. The root is primarily recognized for its adaptogenic properties. An adaptogen is a physiological agent with the ability to naturally increase the body's resistance to emotional and physical stresses. Ayurvedic practitioners traditionally use Ashwagandha to promote gentle relaxation and emotional balance.
We included Ashwagandha Root in Orviax™ to act as a relaxing and stress reducing agent on the male's body. By that we help the body build up an erection naturally.
Avena Sativa
Avena sativa is quickly becoming a popular natural erection enhancer without any dangerous side effects. Avena Sativa is used to stimulate both men and women quickly and effectively. In women it increases sexual desire. It also contains compounds which are soothing to the brain and the nervous system.
Gingko Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba has been recognized as a brain tonic and can be responsible for enhancing memory, improving both short and long term memory, increasing reaction times and improving mental clarity. Because of these benefits of Ginkgo Biloba it is now used to help elderly patients suffering with Alzheimer's disease and other cerebral insufficiency symptoms. Other benefits of ginkgo biloba include reducing tension, anxiety, and restoring energy. We included Ginko Biloba in Orviax™ to clear away mental and physical tension prior to a man's sexual build up.
Korean Ginseng
The main active ingredients of Korean ginseng are ginsenosides. The glycosides act on the adrenal glands, helping to prevent adrenal hypertrophy. Ginsenosides increase protein synthesis and activity of neurotransmitters in the brain. Ginseng stimulates the formation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the brain thereby improving memory and cognitive abilities. Ginseng also improves the blood circulation in the male organs, in a way similar to . Ginseng is also used for diabetes, migraine, infections, radiation and chemotherapy protection, to aid in sleep, and to stimulate the appetite.
Known as Peruvian Ginseng, which supports the glandular system. This herb serves two functions of sexual health: it enhances sexual performance and desire, as well as improves endurance and energy.
Lepidium meyenii or maca is an herbaceous biennial plant or annual plant (some sources say a perennial plant) native to the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru. It is grown for its fleshy hypocotyl (actually a fused hypocotyl and taproot), which is used as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb. Its Spanish and Quechua names include maca-maca, maino, ayak chichira, and ayak willku. Maca has been harvested and used by humans in the Andean Mountains for centuries. It was eaten by Inca warriors before battles, and was used a form of payment of Spanish imperial taxes.
A double-blind study by the Department of Urology, University of Ulsan College of Medicine attempted to study the "efficacy of Maca for erectile dysfunction." Their conclusion was.
A key ingredient of Maca is ginsenoside, which alters blood flow to the brain and penis and can build blood flow and sperm. Russian scientists have reported that Ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity, enhances athletic performance and has a positive effect on the sex glands.
Used for impotence and premature ejaculation, Maca also helps normalize blood pressure while rejuvenating and revitalizing the body.
Muira Puama
Muira puama, also called "potency wood," is a small tree up to 15 feet in height native to the Brazilian Amazon. The bark and root are the primary parts of muira puama that are utilized. Indigenous peoples use muira puama for the therapy of impotency, fatigue, neuromuscular problems, and rheumatism. Muira puama's botanical name is Ptychopetalum olacoides. Don't be surprised if you see muira puama spelled in many different ways, including mara puama, marapuama, and marapama.
The root and bark are used for a variety of ailments by indigenous peoples in the Rio Negro area of South America, and have become popular as herbal helps for sexual dysfunction.
Saw Palmetto (Ptychopetalum)
Saw palmetto extract is an extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens. It is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols, and has shown promise in helping benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Native Americans used the fruit for food, but also in the help of a variety of urinary and reproductive system problems. The European colonists learned of the use of saw palmetto. It was used as a crude extract for at least 200 years for various conditions including asthenia (weakness), recovery from major illness, and urinary problems. For instance, the Eclectic physician H. W. Felter wrote of it, "Saw palmetto is a nerve sedative, expectorant, and a nutritive tonic, acting kindly upon the digestive tract...Its most direct action appears to be upon the reproductive organs when undergoing waste of tissue..."
Saw palmetto, also known as Serenoa repens or Sabal serrulatum, is an herb that is most commonly used to help problems related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The medicinal element of saw palmetto is taken from the partially dried ripe fruit of the American dwarf palm tree, which is indigenous to the coastal regions of the southern United States, from the Carolinas and Florida to California.
BPH is a nearly universal result of the aging process in men. As the prostate gland enlarges, it can cause both obstructive and irritative symptoms; however, the size of the prostate gland is not predictive of the symptoms that patients experience. We included Saw palmetto in Orviax™ for its male organ strengthening and anti-aging qualities.


The proprietary Orviax™ manufacturing process extracts the ingredients 17 times their normal strength to provide fast & long-term benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Orviax™ Work?
Couple Hugging Intimately in Bed

On either side of your penis, you have two spongy areas (called the corpora cavernosa). An erection happens when you become excited and the natural flow of blood fills these erectile tissues. As it does this the erectile tissues can hold more blood than ever before.

Why Is Orviax™ in capsule form? Why Can't I Take It As A Liquid?

Because it is important you take the correct amount, which is best accomplished by swallowing a pre-measured pill. With liquids, which require a dropper, teaspoon or cup, it is possible for you to take the wrong dosage.

I've read That The Average Penis Size Is 6 Inches. What About Men From Another Race Or Country?

The Kinsey Report is one of the most complete studies of penis size to date. It states that the average white male has a penis measuring 6.2 inches long and 3.7 inches around, and the average black African male has a penis measuring 6.3 inches long and 3.8 inches around. This is a difference of only 0.1 inches, which is not statistically significant. Generally speaking there is no difference in the size of the penises, and this is true worldwide. Orviax works to enhance size in the erect state.

Is Orviax™ effective when I drink alcoholic beverages?

We do not recommend taking Orviax™ with alcohol, but because Orviax™ has a potent formula, most men who drink alcoholic beverages get the same desired results.

What does Orviax™ contain?

Orviax™is a safe, proprietary selection of special herbs renowned for their special properties and blended together in a powerfully effective combination. These special herbs have been gathered from around the globe. To learn more about the ingredients click here.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we do. If your address is a PO Box we will send it via United States Priority Mail. We also ship to military addresses including FPO's and APO's. This ships via priority mail as well. PO Boxes may NOT be used for orders outside the US.

Is ordering online secure?

Our Website uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption in order to make sure your data is transmitted safely. This means that before your information is sent to us, it is encoded into a special format so that it is impossible to intercept. Also, you can always call our friendly customer representatives 24-7 toll free at 1-877-281-9322.

What name will show up on my Credit Card statement?

Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "Nathans Natural".

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are for informational purposes only.
They should not be considered medical advice. Always consult a doctor for medical advice.
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